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MC Joey B

Between my late teens and early twenties I MC'd drum and bass a lot. Often planned. Often not. 

A story for my goddaughter

The tale involves a heroine called Pippa Cloudrop. Pippa is one of the Cloudlings, a community who live in the clouds but visit the surface using the Undercloud Transportation System. The story tells of how the Cloudlings come to be friends with an infamous and adventurous group, the Von Boosticles. Together they take on the evil Machiavellian plans of Timothy "I love the sound of thunder" Thorn. 


The story starts...

"The Jester Von Boosticles were infamous for their phenomenal lung capacity and insatiable curiosity. Standing in circles of ten, arms interlocked, they blew into large balloons that lifted them from the ground and took them on a world of adventures. Not only that, a mega large breath into the their super sized lungs would give them four hours under water. 

Lowering themselves from the skies to park atop jungle canopies and hang out with monkeys; hovering just out of the lions’ reach above the Serengeti; wrapped up warm cruising alongside eagles to take in sunset over Everest; holding on tight to a dolphin for an afternoon under the waves; or dropping in to visit humans in igloos, inner cities or on islands was all in a regular week for a Von Boosticle."

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